2018 Personal Tax Return Pricing

Simple Return:                                    

       $200  Single Tax Return- Adult

       $150  Additional Family Members

 More Complex Returns:

       $325  Deductible Employment Expenses

       $375  Income from Self- Employment (not incorporated) (GST Return- additional $100)

       $450  Rental or Home Accommodations (max 3 properties)

       $475  More complex investments (price may vary)               

The Small Print:

  • We do all we can to keep your cost low.  We will honour the above prices if you bring your information well-ordered.  If not, we will ask you if you wish to sort it yourself, or may pay an additional fee to do so.

  • “Simple” covers income from employment, pensions or government; charitable donations; disability credits; student expenses.

 Business Owners:

  • Wondering if you should incorporate?  We will review this with you at no charge.  Feel free to call.

  • If you have your own corporation, ask about our bundles servicing pricing.  You are free to keep business and personal taxes separate – but you may get a better result if we can look at the whole picture.

  • For incorporated proprietors and partnerships: June 15 is the filing deadline for all tax and GST returns – EXCEPT for partnership GST returns (March 31).


“Early look” for cash flow or RRSP planning purposes:

  • Often, clients ask us for a “preview” of their expected tax position, to help decide whether to make RRSP contributions, etc.  We will be pleased to do this at an additional charge of $100 to reflect some duplication of work.

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